• “My husband and I have known Shaun Ingersoll since 1994. His guidance, service and care have made our lives better with every action he took on our behalf. His wisdom and instant recall of the federal and state laws were both confidence building and explained with knowledge easily understood from a “layman’s” point of view.”
    Beth W
  • “My wife and I have relied on his expertise, skill, and his handling legal affairs related to our disabled son and the tax implications for our estate for a decade. I do not believe he has an equal in this particular practice of law. I have found him compassionate about his clients, professional in the way he handles clients and their business, and enthusiastic about the law and the proper practice of it. In every instance, he has put my son’s needs first, he has taken the time to carefully explain each aspect of the matter at hand, and he has listened carefully to our wants, needs and desires.”
    Joseph D
  • “Most importantly, Jean (mother-in-law) spoke often about her trust in Shaun’s integrity and advice – this is from a woman who was quite astute in her assessment of humanity and trusted few. Shaun became her trusted friend while maintaining- by my observation-the highest standards of professionalism. This standard became evident especially in Jean’s current eldest years – she is 88- as the family has wanted to hire Shaun for other family business, and he respectfully declined due to his client relationship with Jean. I really respect a man that will turn down business due to his commitment to high personal and professional standards. This is the character that our family has observed in Shaun, and to us it is invaluable.”
    Carol W
  • “I have extreme confidence in Mr. Ingersoll’s knowledge of law especially related to estate planning and employment agreements. These are the two areas that I have had the most experience as a business and personal client of Mr. Ingersoll. Overall, I hold the utmost respect for the character of attorney and friend Mr. Shaun Ingersoll. From my experience knowing him professionally and personally for 23 years, I know him to be a man to consistently demonstrate integrity, professionalism and expertise.”
    Tommy S
    President of Stewardship Financial and Strategic Planning, LLC
  • “Shaun has always treated me fairly. Each time I meet with him, I am impressed with his intelligence and his concern for me, my family and my property.”
    Mary N
  • “Best legal shark in captivity.”
    Staff Quote
  • “I have known Shaun for over 20 years and he has helped me with my personal Estate Planning as well as corporate matters. He has been extremely honest and has impeccable character. I would highly recommend him to other individuals and corporations.”
    Donald S
    President, regional high tech company
  • “I feel privileged to have this opportunity to tell you that Shaun is unique, I believe, in serving his clients with such sensitivity and dedication. Shaun is clearly committed to excellence.”
    Jane S
    Health Care Administrator
  • “I have always found Shaun to be extremely intelligent with an excellent knowledge of the law. Through our work together (he) has demonstrated that he is a man of integrity. He is a kind and caring man that is always mindful of a client’s goals and objectives. Shaun is very organized.”
    Jean-Louise D
    Professional Colleague
  • “Shaun Ingersoll is a person of the highest integrity and enormous compassion. Just as I am a better person for having known him, so is the field of estate and corporate law by including such a person as Mr. Ingersoll. Though I am extremely guarded in making recommendations for those who’ve asked for suggestions in seeking legal help, I have referred friends, family and colleagues to Mr. Ingersoll with no reservations and will continue to do so.”
    Tarrah C
    Professional Colleague