42198 Askins Creek Drive, Avon, NC 27915
The Avon office is located on Highway 12 approximately 7 miles north of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

iStock_000005820657_LargeFor years we have maintained a business relationship with David Dixon and Jean-Louise Dixon, husband and wife legal team with a thriving practice in Avon, NC. This association allows us to take our unique legal expertise to the NC Outer Banks on a consistent, periodic basis. Shaun worked with Jean-Louise years ago in the same Raleigh Law Firm and Shaun’s friendship with Jean-Louise and David has lasted the test of time.

Now these two legal practices provide logistic support and shared expertise for both locations. As a result, Shaun has a number of estate, corporate and health care clients he services out of the Avon office or between Raleigh and the coast on an as-needed basis.

Of course, any time spent on Hatteras Island is cherished and a single phone call or email to either office will set up a meeting in Avon the next time Shaun is in town (which is more often than you would think).